Art for me is a way to change reality
Maria Who was born in Moscow, Russia in 1996. She moved to Lisbon, Portugal in 2022, where she is living and working now. Her practice is including oil painting, perfomance, human body research. She is concetraiting on themes of space, relationships, time and research about people acting in art.
She has a background in interior design and architecture, so the space becoming one of the main characters in her work.
In 2022 Maria got an artistic residency in MAD, where she is currently working in her studio, among artists from different disciplines.

Education: artist of interiors from Stroganov
Academy of Art & Design (Moscow, Russia), MA

2023 - "Limpezas de Primavera", Galeria Graca Brandao, Lisbon (perfomance)
2023 - "Sotoportego", MAD Marvila, Lisbon (personal)
2022 - Art Residency in MAD Marvila
2022 - "The Journey" Solo in Lisbon
2022 - artist on Artfinder
2022 - Rove. Lisbon
2022 - Venice International Art Fair 14 Edition.
2021 – Boomer gallery. London
2020 - Art Russia Fair. Moscow
2020 - ROSE` Art Gallery. Moscow


MAD Marvila (Marvila Art District) Lisbon

“Between us” is a performance where painting and dance alternate with music as a leitmotif.
The influence to the relationship between dancer and painter gives the space. Space is organising the movement of the dancer and poses she is keeping are organising the composition of the canvas.
The dance and performance is partly improvisation. Some relationships between artists are designed before constantly, and some are born during the performance.
The music is supporting movements of dancer and painter, and changing it’s character, become more harmonious with dance and more chaotic and intense with painting.
The goal is to understand, how far can be the influence between participants, how deep their work can inspire each other and how exactly this relationship can go.
Dance Sara Paternesi
Painting Maria Who
Music Francisco Nogueira

Gallery Graça Brandão
2023, Lisbon
2022, Venice
Contemporary Venice
2020, Moscow
Art Fair Russia
Maria has participated in several exhibitions and fairs in CIS and Europe, such as Limpezas de Primavera (2023, Lisbon), Contemporary Venice (2022, Venice), Art Russia (2020, Moscow).

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